Hydrostatic Water Pressure Test Machine for Tube Production Line

Hydrostatic testing machine for welded pipe is mainly used to have a pressure test on spiral welded pipe or straight seam welded pipe. This hydrostatic tester uses water to inspect whether the steel has been welded properly or not, whether the steel is flawed or not and also what will be the maximum pressure that the stainless steel can sustain. There are three different testing sizes as light size for small tube, medium size and heavy size for large diameter pipe. We can design and manufacture pipe making machine according to customer’s requirements.

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The hydrostatic test is the main equipment for the production of welded pipes. At present, the working process of the hydraulic testing machine used in the production of welded pipes is: feeding, clamping, water filling, pressurizing, holding pressure, releasing pressure, and discharging. The process also constitutes the basic action cycle of the test tube hydraulic press. Process: Pipe Loading - Pipe Connecting - Water Filling - Pressurizing - Pressure Maintaining - Pressure Relieving - Water Exhausting - Pipe ExitModern hydraulic test machines are controlled by PLC, so that each working process is automatically completed in sequence, and have the function of automatically recording test result parameters. According to the seal form, it can be divided into radial seal and end seal. Radial seal is a sealing ring matched with the inner diameter or outer diameter of the welded pipe. The expansion of the sealing ring under pressure to achieve the purpose of sealing the wall of the pipe. Its advantages are that the steel pipe is easily clamped and extracted, the seal is reliable, and the steel pipe is axially affected. The force is small and it is not easy to bend, but the structure of the sealing head is more complicated, there are more specifications, and there is a test blind area at the end of the pipe; the end face seal relies on the sealing material and the end face of the nozzle to press to achieve the purpose of sealing the nozzle, the advantage is that the test structure is simple , Good versatility, but higher requirements for sealing material performance and oil-water pressure difference ratio and servo control system.
Sample Diameter φ12-φ630mm (other Pipe Diameter Special Custom)
Max Pipe Length 25m
Max Testing Pipe Pressure 150Mpa
Various Sealing Methods Pipe End Face Seal
Inner Filled Rubber Sings Seal
Outer Radial Seal
Steel Frame Outer Diameter Large Gap Seal
Testing Medium Water Based Emulsification Fluid (Add Emulsifying Agent or Water Solubility Anti-Rust Oil into Water) (1:30-50), Recycling Use
Pressure Accuracy ≤±1%
Constant Pressure Accuracy -1%-+2%
Constant Temperature Range 20℃-95℃
Temperature Fluctuation ≤±1℃
Temperature Uniformity ≤±1℃
The hydraulic testing machine has a four-beam structure, end face sealing, low-pressure pump water filling, high-pressure pump boosting, reliable mechanical device, advanced and reliable hydraulic system, oil-water balance system, stable and reliable electronic control system, and equipped with PLC system And computer display recording and printing system. It can fully meet the requirements of the hydraulic test of the steel pipe. ZTZG is strict quality control in raw materials, processing accuracy, heat treatment, assembly accuracy, standard parts, etc. The pass rate of equipment delivery is 100%

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