Steel Coil Cutting Machine Slitting Line

Metal Slitting Machine is used for the metal plate decoiling, slitting, and winding into several volumes needed width coil plate.The wide steel strip is cut into a certain width and then recoil them to meet the request of various procedures for welded pipe and cold rolled section steel production. Suitable for processing cold rolled and hot rolled carbon steel, silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel, and the surface of all kinds of the metal plate after plating.   We can design and manufacture pipe making machine according to customers requirements.

Products Details

The slitting line PLC control, human-machine interface, according to a high degree of automation, simple operation and reliable. According to the material slitting thickness, there are a thin plate or board slitting machine, a media-thickness plate or board slitting machine, and a thick plate or board slitting machine. According to the metal materials, there are copper strips slitting machine, stainless steel slitting machine, cold or hot rolled plate slitting machine, silicon steel slitting machine. Technical flow Coil-loading — Single-mandrel uncoiler — Coil-head-feeding, press & shoveling — Double-roller pinch feeding, three-roller leveling — End-cutting — Hole Accumulator(1) — Strip-aligning — Disc shearing — Scrap reeling — Hole Accumulator(2) — Pre-separator/Tensioner/length-measuring roller — Recoiling/Coils press & separator — Coils-discharging — Hydraulic control — Electric control
Steel Coil Parameters Material Cold rolled sheets and GI sheets
Tensile Strength Tensile strength δb≤500Mpa, Yield strength δS≤235Mpa
Steel Thickness 0.2-20mm
Steel Width 400-2200mm
Steel Coil Weight 30T
Slit Parameter Max Slit Quantity 10 pics (5mm) 7 pics (14mm)
Width Precision ±0.05mm
Other Parameters Line Speed 15-60m/min
Operator Needed 1 mechanical engineer +2 common workers
Line Direction Customer’s request
Machine Color Customer’s request
1) More than 20 years of independent research and development and manufacturing experience. Passed ISO9001 quality system certification and participated in the preparation of a number of industry standards. 2) ZTZG support customization according to international standards in each region, and provide regular technical information and technical training support. 3) There is strict quality control in raw materials, processing accuracy, heat treatment, assembly accuracy, standard parts, etc. The pass rate of equipment delivery is 100%

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