Automatic Milling Saw Cold/Hot Cutting Flying Saw

Flying saw is the mechanical equipment which used in continuously production, auto fixed ruler cutting steel pipes,which is one of the element support device for weld pipe production line. Low inertia DC motor through mechanical transmission device, measuring ,calculate and driving saw car at the same speed with the high-speed running pipe, then cut off the pipe with specified length. We can design and manufacture pipe making machine according to customers’ requirements.

Products Details

Flying saw is used to cut tube during static and motion status in continuously production into desired length. It utilizes speed calculating cart to synthesize with the moving speed of the steel tube and then fixed cut the tube. It can cut both round pipe and special tube. The microcomputer fixed-length flying saw machine is controlled by a high-precision fixed-length microcomputer designed by ARM high-end CPU. The software is multi-functional, high-end, and flexible. It is completely free of mechanical shock and more than doubles the service life of the machine.TCT saw blades: This equipment uses TCT (tungsten carbide-tipped) saw blades with a higher strength and stiffness. It has a wider application range for cutting pipes with inner ribs and welded high strength pipes. TCT saw blades feature a service life that is twice that of normal blades Inline cutoff, best quality with stable working performance and high efficiency.

Shear and Welder Types for Your Choice

Type Advantage
Friction saw (hot saw) Economic, reduce investment
Cold saw Cutting section is good quality, without burrs
Milling saw Two blade type, Cutting section is good quality, without burrs
The system adopts imported environmental protection cutting oil and spray devices to carry out precise measurements of micro lubrication. The well-designed nozzle spraying high efficiency cutting oil to the saw tooth to reduce the generation of cutting heat, the nozzle spraying high efficiency cutting oil to the two sides of the saw blade at the same time for lubrication, which can not only improve production efficiency, reduce the production cost, prevent environmental pollution, but also improve the cut quality, prolong the service life of the saw blade. ZTZG provide the best steel tube and pipe cutting solution for worldwide customers according to specific requirements for pipe diameter, wall thickness and line speed with a basic configuration for the servo motor and software. The pass rate of equipment delivery is 100%.

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